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Find Out Here Whether A Lady Can Change Her Last Name Before Marriage Or Not

Last names are vital as they help identify an individual from the other, plus they help to trace the bearer’s family. Your last name stands you out from other individuals who answer a similar initial name as yours. Ladies, the information here is more for you than for the gentle men who could also come across such a great piece. Now, let’s get started on whether you, as a lady, can change your last name without getting married or not. This is just engaging, so get your mind off the gutter, and let’s think about this. Your last name is your surname, which means the name of your father, or your forefather’s name that was passed to you.

It wasn't that you did any

It wasn’t that you did any special service to inherit that name, the reason is that, you were born into the family. Automatically, it became your last name, that has now become your identity in an official setting, the religious organizations to mention a few. Later in years, when you finally marry, you would ultimately drop the surname and pick up your husband’s last name. Such is done in the Americas and in other part of the universe. To answer a last name is to give a due respect to your family. It is much so to especially honor your father whose name you answer. Changing it before getting a marital status appears disrespectful as there is no official reasons for such an action.

However, in cases where the woman's

However, in cases where the woman’s last identity was wrongly entered into a database, it becomes quite difficult to change. To be on the safe side, it is wise to maintain the entered name if an attempt to rectify the error wasn’t successful. This type of change is accidental, the woman is not to blame for such. Other than an existing scenario, a lady can choose to change her surname for personal reasons, such reasons could include security, occupation, among others. In an entertainment industry, it is not every actor who answers their true identity, some prefer to go by an identity they deem fit.

Find Out Here Whether A Lady Can Change Her Last Name Before Marriage Or Not

A similar change is applicable in the music industries, more than 75% of singers globally, use their stage names. Aside from this, except for those born in a named medical center, such a lady in this category can decide to bear another name besides her father’s name. That is where an affidavit comes in, for one reason or the other, humans go to court to swear an affidavit. There have been cases of ladies going to a court for a change of last names. Mind you, the legal bodies get every required information before they effect this. There is no stringent law against an act of having another identity, it is not punishable by law.

Ethically, it is somehow to just wake up in the morning and start desiring to get a new familial recognition. It is advisable to think wisely before deciding as that might attract societal unhappiness and rejection. As a lady, do everything to make your father proud of you, not looking for ways to erase their marks. Knowing full well your stay in their house is only for a short while, then, enjoy it before having changed when married. Doing so shows a level of appreciation to them for their care with love shown you till marriage. Some ladies do not totally drop their father’s names even when they are married. Just to show how valuable it is to them, these ladies answer their surnames and husbands’ names together.

In all, it is just a matter of choice, do what suits best, but be decorous with your decision. The summary of what you must learn here is that, a lady can change their last name before having a wedding. If you must do such, have a cogent reason that can pass the test of time. There is no parent who would be proud of a child who suddenly neglects a nominal identification with their parents. Remember that, in a situation where a lady grew up with parents who are not their biological parents, such a girl is free to decide on another father. A single mother can attribute their current spouse’s name to their daughter born out of a wedlock. Ladies, weigh the pros and cons of such an action before acting it out so quickly.