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The Subtle Differences Between Marriage and Wedding

The difference between marriage and wedding can be confusing because they are linked to each other. While it may seem obvious that marriage and wedding are different things, the truth is that it is hard to tell what differs between them. A wedding is a ceremony that is held to officiate to people that want to spend the rest of their lives together. Oppositely, marriage is a relationship that is started once people exchange vows which usually lasts for the lifetime of two partners. With this in mind, let us look at more details that will try to distinguish between a wedding and marriage.

One main difference between the two

One main difference between the two is that a wedding ceremony takes a few days while marriage lasts for several months or years. In some cultures, a wedding ceremony is done within a few hours while some lovers might have several celebrations that culminate to the final wedding day. Marriage between different newlyweds may last days, weeks, months, or years depending on a variety of things that may affect how they relate. For couples that are in a loving relationship, it is possible to stay married for decades until they are aged. As for other couples, they might have problems in their relationship and this can make them seek separation or divorce. The death of one partner can also determine how long a marriage will last.

You should also note that another

You should also note that another main difference between marriage and a wedding is that marriage is a legal contract that determines a variety of things such as inheritance while a wedding is a ceremonial event that is used to seal the marriage. Almost all countries have enacted marriage laws that provide guidelines for married parties. It means that after two partners decide that they want to be married, they’re going to be provided with a marriage certificate that will be proof that there is a legally binding relationship. Instead, a wedding involves inviting guests to witness the vows exchanged and the dancing in the reception. A wedding is all about the flowers, the food, the laughter among the ones that will be on the guest list.

The Subtle Differences Between Marriage and Wedding

It is good to point out that a wedding is different from a marriage when it comes to the style and duration of preparation. The planning of a wedding is usually time-bound and is done within a few months or years of being in a dating relationship. Planning for a wedding will be mainly done by the couple, a few friends and family members. On the contrary, preparation for marriage is a continuous process that coincides with planning for the wedding and goes beyond the wedding day. It means that before couples start their life in marriage, they need to have prepared well through reading books and seeking counsel from more experienced couples. Despite weddings and marriage having differences in the formula used in the preparation, success will only be achieved if there is proper preparation.

Another important difference is the number of people involved. For most cultures, marriage is usually recognized when it is between two partners. While marriage has for the longest time being between two people of the opposite gender, many countries today recognize same-sex marriages. The union between the two that get married then brings forth children, whether adopted or born by the couple. Most families for married couples are very small. As for weddings, lots of people are actively involved apart from the couple who may include their friends, family, government officials, religious leaders, etc.

The thing that you should remember about marriage and weddings is that a successful wedding does not imply that the marriage is going to be successful. Marriage requires intentional efforts between the partners to make it work no matter how much successful their wedding was. With the right person standing in front of you during the wedding day, there is a lower risk of encountering challenges that may rip you off happiness for the rest of your life. Making the decision of the person that you want to get into marriage should therefore be taken very seriously and will ensure that you plan your wedding with a suitable person to live with. It is advisable to read more to have a firm understanding of the differences.